Education & advocacy

Restore | Nurture | Prepare


Our story started in a small apartment block in Hong Kong… and it took us to a rundown farm in Australia.

We knew that Business-as-Usual was an attitude that would lead our World, and our society to an intrinsically unsustainable future.

We felt compelled to rise our head up from the numbing routine of First World modern day living, to teach ourselves, to change our lifestyle, and to lead and inspire others.


So we taught ourselves to change. Day by day, we adjusted our lifestyle so it is less damaging to our environment, it is more mindful, it is simpler.

Less imports | Less plastic | More organics

We had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and we enrolled to courses after courses, gathering skills so we could be part of the solution.

That covered ethics, ecology, climate change, sustainable development, circular economy, ethical finance, food production, waste management, green buildings, water management, soil health, bush regeneration and wildlife conservation.

Then we started growing some of our own food while teaching our newborn the true taste of tomatoes and the simple beauty of a Lady beetle.

The next thing we know, we’re raising & dispatching our own meat, we’re harvesting & processing hundreds of kilos of food, doing food swaps, volunteering to community gardens, schools, food co-op, permaculture organizations…


Our desire to transfer our knowledge led us to create Terra Permaculture.

A community-focused platform where we led communication and engagement projects designed to facilitate the uptake of active sustainability & disaster planning.

For ten years we promoted the principles and methods needed to develop a sustainable landscape in the community:

  • Ethics and principles of sustainable development
  • Disaster planning
  • Design for resilience
  • Regenerative farming
  • Bush Regeneration
  • Riverine restoration
  • ReWild Events
  • Forest Bathing


We partnered with NSW Local Land Services, Sustainable Education, many Councils in Sydney, as well as schools and NGOs.
We ran a plethora of workshops, courses, farm tours, as well as eco-holiday & forest-bathing programmes for kids, teens & adults.
We also volunteered for a local food sovereignty organisation (FIG) and several national sustainability advocacy groups (Permaculture Australia, PermaFund and Permaculture Central Coast).

In 2019, we had to put Terra Permaculture on hold whilst we cared for our loved ones, tackled Black Summer bushfires and many devastating floods after that. Our land is still giving us an abundance of food… sustainability is maintained. Resilience has been achieved.

We’ve given away our domain ( but our logo has a very strong story attached to it and we want to continuously own and acknowledge it.