About us

Our story started in a small apartment block in Hong Kong… and it took us to a farm in Australia. We knew that Business-as-Usual was an attitude that would lead our World, and our society to an intrinsically unsustainable future, we felt compelled to rise our head up from the numbing routine of First World modern day living, to teach ourselves, to change our lifestyle, and to lead or inspire others by example.

So we taught ourselves to change. Day by day, we adjusted our lifestyle so it is less damaging to our environment, it is more mindful, it is simpler. Less imports. Less plastic. More organics. Then we started growing some of our own food while teaching our new born child the true taste of tomatoes and the simple beauty of a Lady beetle. The next thing we know we’re dispatching our own meat and harvesting kilos of food.

Then one day, our desire to transfer our knowledge led us to create Terra Permaculture.

Terra Permaculture

For eight years we promoted the principles and methods needed to develop a sustainable landscape in the community.

We partnered with the NSW Local Land Services, Sustainable Education, many Councils in Sydney, schools and NGOs. We ran a plethora of workshops, courses, farm tours, as well as eco-holiday programmes for teens. We volunteered for local food sovereignty organisation and national sustainability advocacy groups. Terra Permaculture is now hibernating whilst we pursue new opportunities in sustainability.

Our logo has a very strong story attached to it and we want to continuously acknowledge it.