Our fabulous interns

We give thanks to all the wwoofers, workawayers and interns who’ve come and spent some time with us on the farm.

Without their help, their questions, their advice, their sense of humour and their company, we would be a few months years (!) behind in our plans. So this is with great sympathy and gratitude that we dedicate this page for you:

Emi, Frank, Rafael, Manuela, Renato, Dan, Kelvin, Kohei, Hannah, Ana Lucia, Poppy, Isa, Hannah, Natalie, Edouard, Rebecca

Thank you.


2 responses to “Our fabulous interns”

  1. hey guys interested in your PDC…is that still an option? otherwise would love to volunteer some time on weekends to help out and learn some things!!

    1. Hello Kristen,
      Yes the PDC is happening again this year. We welcome a regular stream of WWOOFers or WORKAWAYers to help and learn here at the farm. You can register with either organisation to be able to play with us here.
      See you one day! 🙂

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